Heat Pumps for Passive House: 2 CPHC CEUs

“Heat Pumps for Passive Houses: Installation Practices & Duct Design”

Split-system, ducted heat pumps are a common equipment selection for heating/cooling Passive Houses in North America. In order to help assure these heat pumps perform as intended, design teams should familiarize themselves with manufacturer-recommended installation practices, as well as fundamentals of quality duct design, register selection and airflow commissioning practices.

John Bart (Mitsubishi Electric U.S.) will introduce recommended installation practices for both “single-split” and “multi-split” heat pump systems. These practices will be applicable to both ducted and ductless systems.

John Semmelhack (Think Little) will provide an introduction to designing energy-efficient, quiet and comfortable ducted distribution systems. While the focus of the presentations will be on single-family residential housing, most of the core concepts will also be applicable to multi-family and commercial buildings.

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