WUFI Passive Tutorial: 2 CPHC CEUs

Presenter: Lisa White, PHIUS Certification Manager

This tutorial will lead you step by step through modeling a single family residential project into WUFI Passive static mode. By the end, you will obtain results for heating/cooling demand, heating/cooling load, and primary energy demand. You will learn the general tree structure of the software and how to navigate in the user interface. You will be shown how to create basic assemblies, input custom windows from PHIUS Certified window data, and input basic mechanical systems on an example project. If you need a refresher on the software since you took the training, or simply would like to see what WUFI Passive is all about, this tutorial is for you.

At the end of the tutorial, attendees should be able to:
1. Navigate WUFI Passive software interface
2. Understand the scope of information needed to complete the energy model
3. Create custom assemblies and window inputs
4. Complete a WUFI Passive static energy model